Side is a perfectly Mediterranean island and resort which is on a small island and is located at a distance of 15 km East of Antalya.

This beautiful, small and modern city with restaurants, cafes, hotels, recreation centers and stylish shops are working 24 hours, result in the new town which has been a fishing center on the ruins of the old city in the past, turn into a major center business and leisure, so that, welcome thousands of tourists that come to the area for recreation every year.

Side Spectacular

Side Theatre : Side’s Roman Theater which called Colosseum in Roman Language, were the first opera and theater that was built at the time of the Romans to run presentations and entertainment. This theater was one of the biggest centers in its time that have the capacity for 20,000 of spectators, which in its kind is very large.

This beautiful architecture built on an old hill and in Romans time; is a very precious monuments from the Roman period which remains part of its roof and arches confirming Roman architectural art. Using Colosseum as an open-air church in warm seasons was another features of it.

In other words, seeing this Roman monument, you have also seen Italian theater or Colosseum.

Aspendos : This ancient city was considered as the biggest city in Pamphylia in Roman time which located about 40 km east of the modern city of Antalya, Turkey.

It can be mentioned to Roman Amphitheatre from the monuments of the city, which was one of the biggest halls in its time and has been built during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Perge : The city is located 18 km from Antalya and is one of the historical cities of ancient Rome with the works of the glorious reign of the Romans in now Turkey or old Constantinople.

Side beaches

Sorgun Beach : The beach is located 3 kilometers from the city of Side and is the quite modern and organized beach that be cared of it very good, is a great place for rest and recreation and use of marine resources, such as paragliding and jets Ki, boats etc. In addition, the restaurants in the area are welcome to visitors and tourists with a variety of traditional and international cuisine.

Koru Beach : The beach is very popular for the natural and beautiful mountains and hot water pools. Pools filled with water heated by the sun, which can be a very good place to fun and games for children and adults.

Lara Beach : Lara beach has very high reputation among Iranians traveler to Antalya because of locating the Iranians hotel in the beautiful beach.

The beach is located at a distance of 12 km from Antalya and border from Antalya’s rocky part to Düden waterfalls.

This beautiful beach has darker sand but more soft and silky than the rest that cause to attract people who want to relax and lie down on the sand.

The most important features and attractions of this beach is Lara Halk Plaj1 under the management and administration of the city of Antalya.

National and natural parks : Very common work in Side and Antalya city including camping and hiking, that this area is very attractive by the reasons of national and natural parks. At this time, the town has four national parks and one natural park.

Olympus National Park : The National Park is located at west of Antalya region and among mountains and snowy peaks of Mount Olympus. In addition to the natural beauties of the national park including mountains and pools, instant monuments remains from the cave and early humans is obvious and visible perfectly, and due to the care of the protected area by the government, any irregular construction is not made and has kept its own nature.

Koprulu Kanyon National Park : The park maybe is the best place to relax and circulation among Antalya, Belek, or even Side region. That region where you could walking, rock climbing and hiking and enjoy the natural beauty of this beautiful valley and also visit old city walls and Temple of Zeus in the area.

Termessos National Park : If you want to see a variety of rare and beautiful plant specimens, or enjoy the pristine natural beauties, we suggest to you, this park-34 km from Antalya which is under the control of the Environmental Protection Agency and be cared completely.

If you wanna to the park, go via Burduh Highway, after 11 km, look at Korkuteli board and then Termessos Park in order to lead to this beautiful place.

Altinbesik Cave National park : If you want go to a pristine national park and beautiful natural attractions, also visiting the caves, we suggest to you, the 7-km from Ibradi zone, around Antalya and 5-km southeast of the village Urunlu.

This region has a special beauties of natural parks where you can watch the beautiful limestone caves.