Opening a bank account in Turkey banks is one of the main requirements for transactions such as buying a property or other investments in Turkey. All active banks in Turkey are subject to Turkish banking regulations and the opening of bank accounts for foreigners subject to the rules and conditions that have been announced by the Central Bank of Turkey, but which Turkish banks open account for holders of Iranian passports, and what is requirement? Below you can understand how to open account in Turkey banks:

If you want to open a bank account in Turkey and you have an Iranian passport, you can open an account in the İş Bank and Agriculture Bank in Turkey. In general, these two banks are for Turkish investors and do not have any problem to open account for Iranian passport holders.

How to open a bank account in Turkey is not complicated, it is required to open accounts, Turkish passport and residence card and tax number (you can get Tax Number referring to every branch of main tax office up to ten minutes. Necessary documents to get tax number include passport and a copy of passport page with photo and the page having stamp of last entry to Turkey). In this way, opening account in Dollar, Euro and Turkish Lira is possible and bank cards issued within one week after opening the account which is Visa Card or Master Card. You can buy by these cards from all countries in the world via Internet, moreover when travelling abroad, you can cash money from banks in destination country in form of local or global currency like dollar and Euro.

Ziraat Bank Turkey:

This bank is one of the most lucrative Turkish companies. But this bank gives certain restrictions for Iranians.

Türkiye İş Bankası: The bank is also one of the major banks in Turkey. Most Iranians open account in the bank. In Turkey, most branches are for this bank. Money order to abroad be easily done through the bank.

Note that Turkish banks have monthly deducted such money from your account to maintenance account, so you always keep such money in your account, however this cost is for accounts that do not have activity, if your account be active monthly an or you pay cost of water and electricity bill from your account, the bank does not deduct maintenance cost.