Turkey is always a great choice for those who love nature and peace in life, and one of the most appealing coastal destination of Mediterranean Sea. Real state and properties market in turkey had not have such thriving. In the view of investment, having home in Turkey become very easier than before.

To sell properties, for the first time in the history of real estate in Turkey, the property buyers are provided by the best mortgage service to help financially in Turkey.

In many cases, people tend to change their plan of buying properties, due to insufficient funding, and they find that a mortgage bank is like a big deal. But now, you can make your dreams of owning property in Turkey by crossing all barriers.

Although many changes in government policies make easier investment possibility for foreign investors by exchange cheap currency, there are still some problems in the system for potential buyers and investors. But in any case, according to experts, now is a good time to invest in real estate sector growing rapidly in Turkey.

Financing the purchase of real estate is perhaps something that can hardly to imagine in a new country. Even if it’s done in most countries, it has troublesome way because of available restrictions and formalities. For foreign investors, an easier method must be found away from all the problems.

Most of the banks act to repay housing loans by YTL in variable rate, for the end of property in Turkey, interesting point in housing loan in Ziirat Bank is that the bank give customers loan up to 60% of total value of property and with easy refund plan-maximum during 15 years,.

At present, bank interest of Ziirat bank to mortgage is monthly 0.0094%. In other word, to buy a two-bedrooms apartment by the value of 150,000 Lira, you should pay just 60,000 Lira. The best part of this, is that there is no excess charge to refund housing loan equal to 390 euro monthly (in ten-year refund), and it can be paid by rental income largely. Turkish property are excellent rental potential. In fact, if you buy a property in urban and developed areas, rental income of the property can sometimes even, in some cases after the mortgage payment, support you financially. Moreover, the possibility of invest growth in these areas are ensure and clear such as the sun and moon. Another advantage of it is that selling your property by housing loan is possible whenever you would like.

Many property agents are not able to offer mortgage facilities for foreign investors and many fantastic opportunities will be lost due to lack of financial resources.

Outstanding analysts predict continued growth in the real estate sector in Turkey, in the coming years, along with many recommendations for investment in Turkey properties especially in these situations.