If you want to travel to Turkey or stay in Turkey, it is sufficient to having information about mobile line and phone in Turkey, you can have more options to select if you know important points about mobile phone, and can select better service by lowest cost.

If you travel to Turkey for tourism and short-time trip, and want to have call to Iran, provided that you have your mobile phone with MCI and Irancell SIM, using the company’s international roaming services is possible; this is the easiest way, of course roaming rates is expensive and not suitable for those who use it very much. If you call to Iran very much during your stay in Turkey, it is better to provide Turk- SIM-Card from one of Turk Phone Company. You can purchase SIM card in Turkey, from three companies of Turkcell, Vodafone and AVEA.

Buying Turk-SIM-Card is easily wherever you travel in cities of Turkey. Many branches of these companies are active to sell throughout Turkey and you can have it easily (All three companies Turkcell, Vodafone and Avea, are reputable company and have the same tariffs. Because they are in competition with each other, so their tariffs are similar and it does not matter to purchase SIM-Card from which one.

Can we use the SIM card in own phone and is there any requirement to register our mobile phone in Turkey?

One of the most important points that should be noted is that if you stay in Turkey more than 60 day, you should register you mobile phone in Turkey. Using local SIM card is much more economical and comfortable than the SIM Card using in your own country. We will mention an important point that you should get aware of it. Regard to Turkey rule, all mobile phones should be registered at telecommunication system in Turkey. You can register your mobile phone paying 120 Lira as tax, or purchase a mobile phone from one of the stores and shop available in Turkey (in this case, there is no required to register your phone), as well, pay about 50 Up to 70 pounds to the company to register your phone which you buy the SIM from it. If you use Turk SIM at your foreign phone (phone which you get from a country expect Turkey), your phone will be blocked after one or two month. Your foreign phone get out of network as a not-registered phone. Getting your phone out of network need more money and be more difficult to re-enable than before.

  • Turn on your phone and call *#61#, the IMEI number of your mobile phone will appear on the screen. Note the number.
  • Apply a telephone registration certificate, referring to one of the tax office of Turkey government, a bank or post office by holding your mobile phone, passport, residence permit book and IMEI of your own phone. Telephone registration certificate shall require 115 Turkey pound.

With your mobile phone and passport and referring to Turkish network operator offices (Avea, Turkcell, Vodafone), you can purchase a SIM. Office staff records your SIM number, IMEI number and private information.