Frequently Asked Questions

  • What documents are required to buy property in Turkey?

This is the most common question that a foreign buyer asks. The answer is: the only document needed for buying a property in Turkey is your passport.

  • Is it necessary to buy a property in Turkey by a Turkish citizen to take action?

No, non-native and non-Turkish people can buy property in Turkey. There is no rule to prohibit foreign people to buy property in Turkey.

  • Do I need a visa to enter Turkey?

Yes, a visa before arriving in Turkey is necessary. However, you can get visa at the airport in Turkey when you want to travel.

  • When my tourist visa expires?

Tourist visa rule allows each passenger to stay for 3 months in Turkey.

  • Is it possible to extend the period of validity of tourist visas?

Yes, to obtain a residence visa for a long time is possible. However, this is not possible in Turkey, and should be done before traveling to Turkey and referring to the Turkish Embassy in your home. The Embassy can get you visa for a period of up to one year.

  • Getting mortgage to finance the purchase of housing in Turkey is possible?

Yes, regard to new reform law, foreign nationals are eligible for financing to buy property in turkey using by mortgage banking. However, this also depends to the type of property wanting to buy in Turkey.

  • If I have a property in Turkey, do I need my Turkish tax number?

Yes, you must register for tax in Turkey. However, this is a very simple task and we’ll help you.

  • Will I be eligible get home insurance in Turkey?

Yes, some well-known insurance company in turkey and International Insurance companies provide you the necessary insurance in the housing sector.

  • Is there any restriction or prohibition for non-citizens to buy property in Turkey?

There are no restrictions or and prohibitions on buying property in Turkey. However, there are special rules for buying real estate in rural and military areas.

  • Can I rent my property to another in Turkey?

Yes, you can rent your property.

  • Can I open a bank account?

Yes, you need to get your tax number from the tax office in Turkey.

  • Is there the possibility to sell my property in Turkey and will be reserved for me the possibility to earn money from selling in Turkey?

Yes, you are allowed to sell or rent your property, your income will be protected.

  • Is it possible to move my furniture to the new residence of mine in Turkey?

Yes, you can. However, this way costs you, you can simply buy new furniture in Turkey cheaply.

  • Do I have to pay annual property taxes, such as Turkish citizens?

Yes, with all the benefits of a citizen, you also have to pay for fulfill obligations purchasing property in Turkey. The tax is calculated based on property value.

  • Will let me to reside?

Yes, if you buy a property in Turkey, you can apply for permission to stay.

  • How many properties can I bought in Turkey?

There are no restrictions, you can buy property in Turkey as many as you want.

  • Am I safe in Turkey?

Yes, the crime rate in Turkey is not too high. But like any other country, you should always take care of yourself.

  • Is there particular mortgage system for foreigners to buy property in Turkey?

Currently, “there is no specific law available. But providing mortgage is possible through English banks as soon.

  • Is it need to get earthquake insurance?

Earthquake insurance is now compulsory in Turkey. No matter if you are a citizen or not, if you own a property in Turkey, you have to get earthquake insurance.

  • Is my home insured in Turkey?

Yes, you can. Currently the property and real state rates can be insured affordable in Turkey.

  • Do I communicate with other languages in Turkey?

The majority of the Turkish people speak English, especially in tourist areas, so this should not be difficult.

  • Is it possible to bring pets with own self to Turkey?

Yes, you can.

  • Can I go to Turkey by car?

Yes. However, it is not recommended because it is expensive.

  • Is the possibility of increasing the value of real estate, if Turkey joins to Europe Union (EU)?

Yes, when this happens, the property will highly likely increase in price.

  • How much costs annual maintenance?

However, this depends entirely on the size of your property, but can range from 300-500 euros per year.

  • How should I pay maintenance fees?

You should pay the cost of pool, gardens, reception and security as well, to fix and maintenance very reasonable as charging monthly. Special complex may have additional services include buses, gym and children’s play area.

  • Is medical services offered to foreign residents in Turkey?

Any services already is there. However, you can get private health insurance which provide you by the right of using private hospitals. There are English-speaking doctors in Turkey.

  • How to pay water and electricity bills?

Like anywhere else, water and electricity bills are sent fixed intervals. To pay, you can use your bank account for direct deposit.

  • Is my property protected in Turkey at the time of my absence in Turkey?

Yes. Guardian is available 24 hours a day. If you’re not in your apartment, we can send request for you.

  • How long does it take to be issued a document in the buyer’s name?

About 3 days, if the property is not in the military areas.

  • How much deposit do I need to secured buy?

At least 2,500 euros as a deposit when set buying property dcontract.

  • Can you hire a lawyer? And if so, how much it will cost?

Yes, for the lawyer and the translation, 220 Euros is required.

  • Are there additional fees on buying property in Turkey?

Transfer document start with a minimum of 200 euros and depends on the value of the property. Electricity and water connection fee is 250 euros per meter.

  • Is it allowed to have more than one property in Turkey?

There are no limits.

  • Are the winter months cold?

Mediterranean climate are there in many Turkish cities, which in the winter is cold but tolerable.

  • Is it possible to buy furniture at affordable prices?

You can buy everything for your home from local areas. You will find the price fits your budget.

  • Do local people welcome foreigners in Turkey?

Yes. Turkish people are very warm welcome visitors.

  • Is tap water, drinking water?

We recommend that you use bottled water which is available everywhere and is very cheap to use. Tap water may not be suitable everywhere.

  • Is it possible to install satellite TV?

Yes, you can easily take to the installation of satellite TV action. However, you do not have to pay for TV channels, but must pay for satellite receiver.

  • Voltage: 220V
  • Is water expensive?

The water bill is affordable and only the cost of waste is paid.

  • Is public transport is affordable: Yes local dolmus (minibus) exists in any part of Turkey, in value of 2-3 Lira.
  • Buying property, do I own the area (land) as well?

Yes, all complex area are included. Your share of the total area will be determined in the document property.

  • Can Deed have more than one owner?

Deed owners can be more than one person, whose share for one of them can be different. The maximum number of partner in a property are ten.

  • After the purchase, what costs will I have?

The cost of buying property: 3/3% the fee to prepare Cadaster map. Once it is paid when getting the document.

The opening of the first residence permit

Accommodation sheet

Water subscription

Power subscription

Notary public services

Telephone and internet connections

  • What are the conditions of the loan?
  • What documents are required?
  • How will costs as the owner?

Property taxes, water, gas, electricity and charging fees of housing complex.

  • How do I get services such as gas and electricity and telephone?

We help you in such issues as part of after-sales services. We guide you to open bank account. To pay your bills, you can open a current account.

– What is the closest airport to Alanya?

Answer: Gazipaşa Airport is about 30 km far from the city of Alanya and about 20 km to the Mahmutlar.

  • What is the benefit of buying a home in Alanya or Mahmutlar in compare to Istanbul, Ankara and …?

Big cities of Turkey such as Istanbul are busy, very insecure and I think is terrible. But here is quiet, beautiful, very safe and secure. Large cities are more Turkish but here is multinational society like Russia, Germany, Scandinavia, and little Turkey. You get familiar with a variety of cultures and traditions with different languages. Multinational labor market is certainly better and wider trade.

  • Is it possible to register a company or rental shop and business?

Answer: Yes, in addition to buying a home, leading to a one-year renewable residence, registering company (even for a restaurant, store, etc.) have permission of residency and many benefits.

The story of a mortgage in Turkey

Iran suffer from sanction and opening bank account or get a loan to buy housing is not easy and it’s difficult. I’m sorry to say that many properties have loan, but are in the name of another person. Be careful with these loans. There are mass construction companies which the quality of their buildings are confirmed by bank and the bank give these companies’ customers, 50% loan by 7% interest yearly and up to 10 year (this loan is very very valuable) and due to my information, only one bank and one branches of it in Analya city prepare these facilities to Iranian, of course, after consultations manufacturer that Iranians are also shareholders in it.

Why Turkey?

The weather is perfect

Iranians’ and Turks’ customs are the same

It is near to Iran and our family can easily come and go

We are not in camp

We go to Iran every time we want with the lowest cost

We were tired of many thing such as:

Smoke and noise and video pollution

Persecution and neglect of managers and officials

Discrimination and injustice

Stress work and earn money

Hear bad news

Daily terrible inflation

And many other issues that are familiar to them.