Bodrum is called as the land of eternal waters, and it is said that instead of sleep in a place bathed in light, you live in Bodrum bathed in light; Bodrum has always been the struggle for sovereignty in this region throughout history. Todays, Bodrum has in itself all the required and expected elements for a tourist area, and is an important center of tourism in summer and winter, and one of the most recreational cities in the Aegean coast. Night attractiveness of Bodrum is features of this city, in addition to lively and exciting motion that is the in all the day. Bodrum city is one of the tourism coast city from Aegean Sea in Turkey. Bodrum is a tourism city in Turkey and the most of its revenue is from the industry.

Public transport in Bodrum : Public transport in the city is based on private taxi and shared taxi van. The taxis are relatively expensive. Other taxis are van which are called Mice Heart in this city and have the capacity of 10 crew members and passengers use them in share. The taxis will run on certain lines and their fare are stable, for per passenger is 1.5 lira. These vehicles do not have station in their path and stop by the request of the passenger.

Bodrum History : Bodrum was attacked and occupied by many people who come from Aegean Islands over the centuries. This city was considered as one of the most important centers in the past and is located at the region among Ionia, Lycia and Caria which is smaller than other. Bodrum is one of the important city of Caria in Turkey. This area brought up celebrities such as renowned historian Herodotus, the first female admiral, first Artemisia and second Artemisia; The Bodrum has been ruled by the Persians, the Macedonian, Roman and Byzantine empires in history. Byzantine lost their sovereignty over Anatolia, after the defeat of Seljuk Sultan Alp Arsalan in Malazgirt in 1071. Knights of Rhodes built the Castle Bodrum and the area has been under their rule. Many people come there to visit in cheap tour of Turkey.

Bodrum economy : Bodrum is a tourist center, and most of its revenue is from the industry. There are other industries in this city, like before, construction of boat continue in pantone model at shipyard Aychmlr which now its name has expanded to the name of Bodrum. In the facility by the size of the plant, is generated cruise, yachts and very luxurious ships with a length of 30 meters using modern technology. From other industries of this region are crafts, agriculture and textiles. Visit the beautiful and coastal city, with a trip to Turkey with Turkish tour.

Tourist attractions Bodrum : Bodrum is one of the most recreational cities in the Aegean coast-Turkey. Night attractiveness of Bodrum is features of this city, in addition to lively and exciting motion that is the in all the day. It can be named form visitable places of this city, like Underground Archaeological Museum, outdoor museum, Ancient theater, Stoned grave, Mindus door, Castle Chift, Bodrum Castle, Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Tepecik Mosque and Adlie Mosque. Entertainments of Bodrum include the use of beaches and water sports, as well as daily cruise by Turkey tour.

Shopping Bodrum : Handicrafts highly developed in Bodrum, Turkey. It can be purchased, garment leather, knitwear, beads, silver jewelry, needlework, manufacturing décor equipment from road stores from Port to Halicarnassus. There are world-famous Bodrum sandals. Bodrum market is an ideal center for sale buy. The local markets in which the fruit and nuts supplied are held, in Bodrum and around, 6 days a week.

Bodrum Scenic view

Bitez : Bitez is a quiet and beautiful village, about 5 miles from Bodrum, with beautiful beaches, and you can reach there from Bodrum using Turkey tour, in short time; if else, you could go there by the taxis. This village is known because of its Tangerine Garden, as well as water sports such as water skiing is very popular here.

Underground Archaeological Museum of Bodrum 

Today the museum is one of the largest and most important museums in the world, in terms of its kind. The resulting remnants from excavations started since 1960 has been exhibited in the museum which located at Bodrum Castle. The results of research works from lagoon nearby Bodrum have been exhibited in this museum of gallery Eastern Mediterranean, lagoon of this area include Devil's Valley C(شیطان دره سی), the port is Srchh (بندر سرچه); using Turkey tour, you can visit the oldest sunk ship in the world which is of attractive remnants in the area too.

Gümbet : Gumbet region is two kilometers far from Bodrum and is part of Bodrum, the area is always full of tourists and affordable option for interested people who tired from Bodurm entertainments. Indian, Mexican and Chinese restaurants and its Cafe are always crowded, and there are the biggest and most beautiful hotels in Gumbet. The family and their children on a tour of Turkey can enjoy a long and wide beach and kinds of water entertainment of Gumbet .

Day Market 

Tuesday morning of every week is a good time to visit Bodrum, there is a weekly market, and people rush to this market. You can buy kinds of products such as dress, bag, watch, shoes and other which are not brand, but is very similar to the brand from this market, as well as foods such as vegetables, dried flowers, eggs and other products sailing by vendor which seller bring to market their farm product by the sue of the cheap Turkey tour.