Alanya (in Turkish: Alanya): The name is a historical city in Turkey which is located in 135Km far from Antalya. There are many residential and tourist places in this city. Alanya is bordered to Toros mountians from North, to Mediterranean Sea from South, Judge Pasha from East and to Manavgat and Side. Because of strategic location of Alanya which is located at one Small peninsula in Mediterranean Sea, At the bottom of the Taurus Mountains, it was always as a stronghold for many empires settled in Mediterranean, such as Ptolemaist and Seleucid and Roman and Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Alanya obtained its greatest political importance at medieval, under the reign of Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat which city’s name has been taken from his name. Many scenic and historical spots of Alanya is remnants from King Keyghobad, such as Red Tower, Shipyard and Analya Castle.

Seljuk Castle made in the 13th century AD, is as crown on head of Analya peninsula. Also, eight costal and historical Girl Castle is from scenic places of Analya.