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Company Overview

Olympus (OLYMPOS) is the name of an ancient city in the near Antalya in Turkey.
Olympus is located at the southern part of the Tahtel region and one of the best sights of Turkey and Antalya's tourist attractions.

The city is full of Oleander flowers and Ivy Leaf.

The part of Roman Theater’s bridge in the area is considered as the remnants of ancient times.
Olympus company activity is in the field of construction and buy and sell properties and apartments in Turkey and often in Alanya.

Work Experiences
This collection has started its activity with a clear vision and outlook in the turkey, based on his experiences in the construction of Iran - in Tehran and Mashhad- and employing highly qualified personnel in the field.

Why Olympos

Given that the company is the first Iranian company to build apartments in Alanya and dear Iranian buyers without mediation, are facing with the builder and owner of Units which has same language; in this way they are easier to put in all the details of their purchase, and also are safe from the problems that some intermediaries often make for unfamiliar shoppers.

We are the only company in Alanya, which are funded from the internal resources to facilitate the purchase of apartments up to half of its values. Currently, most apartments are sold with bank loans; due to the time consuming process of obtaining loans from banks and the problems are there to open an account, facilities of the company will be significant points.

It is tried to designs and used materials meet with Iranian interests more and hence, familiar environment is provided for dear buyers. 
Also, other considered services and lottery are other benefits of buying the Olympus Corporation’s apartments.